Dyson going to launch an electric toothbrush?

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When you hear the name “Dyson”, you must be thinking about cleaning your house from dust, but in recent years the company has expanded into all sorts of diverse areas such as dryers, straightening and curling hair; Hand dryers; And even a failed but cool attempt to get into the electric vehicle realm.

A new Dyson patent that has been unveiled may shed light on a future product of the company – that is, if it ever sees the light of day. This time it is actually an electric toothbrush with a twist.

The patent in question was registered towards the end of April last year, and describes a “dental cleaning device”. The device in question includes a handle and a brush head that is capable of moving using a small motor. The twist of this brush comes in the form of a device that stores a “liquid” that connects to a system that is able to flow it into the user’s oral cavity while brushing. This means that on the face of it, this is an electric toothbrush that not only cleans your teeth, but also performs a parallel action on dental floss, similar to the type of jet.

From the patent records it is not clear what that fluid is, and whether it is a dedicated fluid, toothpaste or very simply water that you can splash between your teeth. The records also show that there are two ways you can spray the same liquid: First, as expected, you simply press a button.

But in the second, and much more interesting option, the brush uses a sensor that is able to detect the position of the brush inside your mouth and spray the liquid only when it detects that the brush head is above the space between the teeth. That is, all actions will happen automatically depending on how you brush.

The same liquid storage device seems to be interchangeable, so if it’s not just a device you can fill with water, you would not be surprised if the purpose of the concept is to ultimately put you in a kind of ecosystem.

Just as when you need to replace the filter for Dyson’s air purifier, you must buy Dyson’s filter (thus making it a product that continues to buy itself gifts), here you may need to buy Dyson’s dedicated cleaning fluid that comes in patented cartridges, similar to Nespresso capsules.

Do not hold your breath for it

Although the development sounds interesting, it is still just a patent registration. This means that we can be many years away before the real product reaches the market at best. Many companies register patents for products they will never launch even if only their competitors can issue them, and if they do want to issue them, they will have to pay them for each use of the patent.