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The T-0019 one-piece dual flush toilet wraps up power and efficiency into a single attractive package. Its skirted base conceals the trapway, and it has a tank that’s seamlessly integrated into the bowl for a sleek and smooth, modern finish. Its straight edges not only make it a pleasant sight but also easy to clean.

It comes equipped with a soft-closing seat that complements its quiet flushing mechanism. Concealed by its deceivingly quiet operation, the siphon flushing system can remove 1,000 grams of solid waste per flush. An elongated bowl at a comfortable height makes it pleasant to sit on and easier to stand up.

#2 Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

If you’re looking for comfort without sacrificing more floor space in your bathroom, then consider this model from Kohler. It features a compact, elongated bowl that offers an ample seating area for comfort without extending much further than a standard round bowl. It’s 31 inches long from the back of the tank to the end of the bowl.

At 17 inches high, the seat is a bit taller than the standard 15 inches, making it more comfortable for taller people to use. A soft-close toilet seat prevents banging, while sleek lines give it a classic look.

A one-piece design makes it easy to clean. Kohler’s AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides, allowing for a better overall flush with less water—this toilet uses just 1.28 gallons per flush. The Kohler AquaPiston toilet has a 12-inch rough-in.

#3 WOODBRIDGE Smart Bidet Seat Toilet

You’d be forgiven if you mistook this toilet/bidet combination for something out of a science fiction movie. When you approach it, the lid automatically opens, welcoming you aboard. The automation doesn’t stop there.

A heated seat and an air dryer keep you warm while you sit. When you’re finished, the bidet cleanses you with a gentle pulsating spray while the warm air gently dries you. After you rise, an automatic flush clears the bowl while a built-in ionizer deodorizes the air around it via a carbon filter.

A wireless remote lets you customize the whole experience, while a soft blue LED night light makes it easy to find the toilet in the dark. With all this hands-free automation, you might even skip a trip to the sink on your way out. While this toilet may add to your electric bill, it will save you water thanks to its dual-flushing function.

#4 American Standard Colony Toilet Combo

Some of the toilets on this list are priced astronomically high, but that doesn’t mean you have to empty out your savings just to get a solid place to get rid of your solid waste. This American Standard Toilet Combo has all the most important features that you rely on, but it’s priced affordably for any budget.

Like many modern toilets, this one features an eco-friendly flush that uses just 1.6 gallons per flush or GPF. It features a special power wash rim that scrubs the bowl clean with pressure each time you flush it. It’s pretty effective, though there are a few spots in the bowl it misses.

You can choose between several sizes and finishes, depending on your needs. You will need to get a seat, hardware, and a wax ring separately. Even still, considering the low price and low water consumption, we at ShopToilet think it’s the best toilet for the money.

#5 Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

This self-contained toilet from Saniflo doesn’t need a tank. It’s got a motor built-into the toilet that takes care of flushing, which is why it only uses a single gallon of water per flush. It’s got a second, slightly stronger flush that uses 1.28 gallons as well.

Because it doesn’t need a tank, this toilet is much smaller than a standard toilet, so it’s great for half bathrooms or other areas where there’s limited space. It’s not great in place of a standard toilet though since it can’t use traditional plumbing. Instead, it’s plumbed into the wall behind the toilet. Luckily, it doesn’t require a vent, but you’ll still probably need a licensed plumber to install it.

The Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained toilet has some cool features and the space-saving design is great, but none of that warrants the insane price of this toilet. Other similarly-priced toilets have seats that sense your approach and open automatically and they clean your butt for you when you’re done. You’ll get neither with this toilet at a price that’s not too different.

#6 Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet

The Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One-Piece Toilet takes some design cues from toilets that we like, with a fully skirted trapway and a sleek, modern one-piece design. But it got some important parts wrong, like how you secure the toilet to the floor. The holes are so difficult to line up that it turns a simple job into one that will most likely require a professional, who will upcharge you for the difficulty of the toilet.

This is a dual flush toilet with an ultra-low consumption partial flush that uses just 0.8 gallons for liquids.It’s a bit louder than other toilets. But to be fair, it’s got a pretty decent flush, despite how little water it uses.

We liked how easy this toilet is to clean, with a seamless design that has nowhere to trap urine and dirt. But if you flush with the lid open, some of the water will spray out! This is a bit alarming, and no one wants to be sprayed with toilet water, though it might give you a good laugh when used by unsuspecting guests.

#7 HOROW HWMT-8733S Small Toilet

Toilets seem to be getting more and more expensive, but this HOROW toilet is priced more affordably than most. It’s a sleek one-piece design with a concealed trapway and very few curves or corners to hold onto filth. This one is a smaller than normal size that’s great for undersized bathrooms, but probably undersized for normal bathrooms.

Feature-wise, you’ll find a low-consumption dual flush with a 1.6-gallon high flush and a 1.1-gallon low flush. It’s got a self-cleaning glazed surface that’s easy to keep clean. A soft-closing seat is included, but it doesn’t stay up when you open it! This can lead to some messy situations, and it’s annoying when you’re seated and it keeps trying to close on your back.

You get a five-year warranty on the porcelain glaze and a three-year warranty on the flushing mechanism, which is great because the first one we got arrived cracked. Not just cracked though, it looked like a repair had been poorly performed. The second one was complete with no cracks but was still too small to be comfortable, and the seat refusing to stay up was more than we could take.

#8 Kohler Highline Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

It’s starting to feel like a dual flush is standard on toilets today, but this Kohler toilet is lacking one. Luckily, the single flush you get is pretty conservative, using just 1.28 gallons per flush. It’s got a canister flush valve that puts that water to good use, making for a quiet but powerful flush that actually gets rid of your waste. But some water always squirts out onto the wall when we flush it. Not our favorite quirk to encounter.

This toilet seems reasonably priced on the surface. But once you realize that it doesn’t come with a seat, you’ll start to compare it to similarly priced and even cheaper toilets that do. The team at Shop Toilet also don’t like the cheap flushing handle on this toilet. With a tally of all these flaws, it becomes impossible for us to recommend this toilet over some of the superior options in the same price range.